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ABOUT Shelia Arnett

I am Shelia Arnett and I am running for School Board, District 5.

I am married to former County Commissioner Earl Arnett, We have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. We have lived and worked in Marion County for over 35 years. I have been a member of Central Christian Church since 1991.

I have been a hospice specific healthcare recruiter since 2000. Healthcare clients hire my firm from all over the Country to help them fill key management positions. We do market research in their area, identify their competition, and, at times contract with these healthcare agencies to identify weaknesses in their organizations and help train their staff on ways to grow their businesses.

Earl and I have owned several businesses in Marion County. We owned a BMX bicycle shop and a baseball card store. I was the office manager for Earl's private investigation firm for over 14 years. I also published a magazine in the Villages for 2 years.

I am currently a Board Member of the Marion County Homeless Council and a participant in the Public Policy Institute's Study on Homelessness. I am a former Board Member of the Marion County Literacy Council.

After spending years with my husband working on City and County issues, I've come to realize we both have such a passion for serving our community that I decided to run for School Board, after much prayer and consideration.

I felt I had just the right fit to help, and complement, our School Board. After working many years in business, I can see a need to unify the Board in a direction that is more productive and civil to each other.

As I tell the healthcare clients that hire my firm as a consultant, unity and stability are important in their companies...this is doubly true for our School Board. A corporation, and the School Board, must be moving forward in the same direction to succeed. Our children are our most precious asset and their education is of paramount importance.

I look forward to hearing any of your thoughts or concerns and I look forward to serving on our School Board. I am Shelia Arnett and I ask for your vote on August 28th.

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